Monday, 19 June 2017

Maori Hand Games Reflection

What I enjoyed was using the whai (string). My favorite thing that I made is a Cup and Saucer which can turn into a Bird that can flap its wings, after learning how to use the whai my group went to learn how to play with koruru (knuckle bones) I was pretty good at them but I am a lot better now. Last we learn't how to play hei tama tu tama and E hipitoitoi. That is my reflection of Maori Hand Games.


  1. WOW! Riley I LOVE your work it is very cool and has great facts and I like how you said what the bird that you made can do which in this case is the bird can flap its wings
    your story reminded me what it was like when I was there I made a waka and the Eiffel tower
    to make your story better I think you can add the names of the people like lucky and the others you may have to ask the teacher. you could also add why you enjoyed making the shapes with the whai the string.
    anyway apart from that Well done

  2. you did-int say that i was really bad at it